te-logoTahoe Expo is an annual showcase of exceptional geotourism activities that help people connect to all that is Lake Tahoe in it’s true splendor.

The expo features such events as:

  • Geotours led by local and experienced guides
  • Live performances and music including
  • Educational and engaging activities related to geoutourism
  •  Washoe tribal led cultural dance and rituals

Geotourism = Destination Stewardship (tourism that does no harm). 

Destination stewardship happens when local experts connect you to the “8 Wonders of Tahoe.”

  1. Sky
  2. Water
  3. Plant
  4. Land
  5. Wildlife
  6. Community
  7. Culture
  8. Heritage

This relatively new, fun and enlightening method of sharing knowledge while physically engaging the region using low-carbon footprint activities is what we call geotourism.  A single event is known as a geo-track.

When one feels connected to something , elements of stewardship come into play; care and protection.

The Tahoe Geotourism Expo welcomes all to enjoy and experience native, local, unique regional attractions and activities.   Our goal at Tahoe Expo is to help enrich connections with Tahoe using the smallest carbon footprint as possible.

Sustainable Tahoe, a local non-profit, with the support of patrons and partners, seeks to demonstrate a tourism model of long-term economic prosperity that includes environmental integrity. Sustainable Tahoe facilitates collaborations between nonprofits, government agencies and local businesses to develop and host geo-tracks.  

What is Geotourism?

Geotourism creates opportunities for locals and visitors to explore while preserving the destination’s environment and enhancing local culture.  According to National Geographic “Geotourism incorporates the concept of sustainable tourism — that destinations should remain unspoiled for future generations — while allowing for ways to protect a place’s character.”

When ‘conservation becomes cool,’ – preservation will become profitable.  As visitors have more reasons to stay longer, return sooner and share stories that inspire others – we hope that some will join Sustainable Tahoe to help grow and extend our reach to all four corners.

This will shift Tahoe’s tourism industry to a stewardship model that includes four seasons of enriching and unique experiences that will support long-term holistic prosperity while achieving 100 feet of Lake Tahoe water clarity. 

The goal of the Tahoe Expo is to build a sustainable and prosperous future for the region by harmonizing tourism with the natural environment. The Expo features local expertise to welcome and host you to life-changing adventures and the businesses who incorporate sustainability as part of their business model. The ‘Eat, Sleep Shop’ businesses supporting these adventures will reap the revenue they seek while preserving the water we all love.

To the water,

Jacquie Chandler
Executive Director, Sustainable Tahoe