3-Day Geotourism Workshop

Consultants from Sustainable Tahoe 501.c.3 Jacquie Chandler and Penelope Curtis


  1.  Fluency in geotourism understanding 12 principles, 4-steps and TriNomic™ recipe
  2.  Able to help Tahoe can fulfill its prosperity and sustainability goals
  3.  Understanding the power of TriNomics collaboration to solve revenue problems through destination stewardship

Participants (Maximum 40) should come from:

  • Agencies
    .Gov/Edu,  County Supervisor, City Council, Water treatment, etc
  • Tribal – Washoe and Paiute
  • NGOs/Non-Profits
    (.Org) Any NGO who would be a candidate for guiding a Geotrack
  • Business
    (.Com) plus business organizations , like; chambers, tourism, resort associations, sports organizations, representatives from communities of interests i.e. club) and potential sponsorsStructure/3-Day Agenda

Dates and Location (TBD)

Day 1

Experience a GeoTrack (Example) before workshop to better understand the 12 principles and steps and TriNomic™ model in action. The demonstration GeoTrack (part of the prep work) would be custom designed for your specific area. The one below is relevant to Lake Tahoe.

“Follow the Water” DRAFT

Assembly Point – Tahoe Transit Center

  9:00am  Meet Tahoe City Transit Station with bike (bring your own or rent at Daves Bike Shop)

  9:15am Guided bike ride along the Truckee River learning about the eco-system

10:00am Arrive at the Beaver Dam and explore the beavers role in river health

11:00am Bike back to Tahoe City to Gatekeepers Museum

11:45am Lunch at the Park next to lake near museum

12:30pm Tour the Gatekeepers Museum (530) 583-1762 for Washoe basket heritage

 1:30pm back to start


  WILDLIFE GUIDES: Tahoe Wildlife Coalition, Gatekeepers

  BIKES Tahoe City /Dave’s Bikes
LUNCH Granlibakken / Syd’s


Day 2 Understanding Geotourism

9:00am Debrief GeoTrack experience (those who went) +Results from US Geotourism successes

10:00am Geotourism Principles and 4-Steps. Using the NGCSD Geotourism Scorecard, we will score

Tahoe on the 12 Principles to assess the work ahead.

10:45am Current visitor menu and your regions Top 3 challenges

11:30am Asset Inventory (capture)

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm Asset Mapping

2:30pm TriNomics (identifying and proving the benefits).

Exercise will demonstrate how this is used to create a GeoTrack(s),

Examples from Tahoe Expo and discussion around value in GeoTrack. Working with list of proposed

GeoTracks, (8) people in a group – each choose a GeoTrack relevant to your expertise.

3:30 Six- Hats explained to support group process. Form GeoTrack groups each capable of building a GeoTrack. (people choose group that will focus on their interest).

4:30 Complete group creating process so each group is ready to begin tomorrow an assignment before tomorrow regards. Have a leader for each group and possibly an assignment for the group

Homework – Identify any compliance issues, people who would need to be a part of the development

Day 3 Building your GeoTracks

9:00am Re-cap and what do you think?

10:00am Groups to build GeoTrack

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm Groups share their proposed GeoTracks (15 min @ 4Groups = 2hrs time)

3:30pm Ask Group what do you think? Where do you go from here?

How can you make this real? What will it take?

Logistics (based on 40 Attendees)


Food/ Catering /Drinks /Snacks

Transportation / Parking

Registration process

(Needs at workshop)

7 Flip charts/ Post-Its/Markers

6 Hats (black, yellow, white, red, blue, green) + 7 sets hat cards (will explain)

Butcher paper (covering tables)

Large map of the target region including 50-mile perimeter

40 Workbooks: Geotourism Scorecard/ 4 Steps, TriNomics model GeoTrack Design schematic

Participation (40 max)

suggested breakdown of participants:

18 from Business

6 from local Agencies

16 from NGO

Participant Pricing (TBD)


  • Shuttle to GeoTrack
  • Museum entrance fee
  • Washoe craft guide
  • Workbook and materials
  • 2 catered lunches, morning buffet and snacks

Cost and Logistics Budget

2 Consultants for 3 days delivery, 2 days prep and 1 day post.

Consultant travel / lodging expenses 5 days (2 prep + 3 workshop days) for workshops outside Tahoe

Facility rental $ _______ (Tahoe Science Center)

Catering / Food $

Materials – workshop kit



Partners (Tahoe-centric)

NV Tourism, NV Humanities, Washoe County Business Dev, Placer County, NTRA, TART, Reno Limo, Mtn

High Deli, UC Davis, TSC, EDC, Placer County, Douglas County, Gatekeepers Museum, IVCBHS